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Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I come from a photography background. 
Having picked up my first camera in 2015, my business unintentionally flourished over the years taking me to places around the Pacific and South East Asia to document weddings and events. By 'unintentional' I mean there was no initial motive to build a business from my first camera purchase but in time it evolved from a hobby to what it is today.
Although I was comfortable in what I had achieved and built over the years, my desire for growth and to further my ability to tell compelling stories led me into the realm of filmmaking.
To me this was an inevitable
 progression into the evolution of my craft.

And here we are. 

Film is a median in which I'm able to further articulate a story without being confined to the limitations of a still image. We now have moving visuals, sound and plot all of which not only have the power to move and immerse the viewer, but also influence change by redirecting attention towards important issues that need addressing.
In that respect, film itself is an 'influencer' and stirrer of emotions that inspires both individual and collective change which I intend to use to my advantage in a positive way.

If you'd like to collaborate please contact me through the provided email link below.

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